2010 website sessions for everybody


We are pleased to announce the 2010 website sessions. These are designed for everybody!

  • 19 January: 18th website session “New forms of institutional communication“, led by Jordi Segarra www.stpolitics.com, consultant in political communication.
  • 9 March: 19th website session “Institutional leadership on the net“, led by Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí www.gutierrez-rubi.es, advisor on public communication.
  • 11 May: 20th website session “Digital competences and learning“, led by Boris Mir, teacher of compulsory secondary education (ESO), and teacher trainer in digital skills www.xtec.cat/~bmir and http://lamiradapedagogica.blogspot.com.
  • 19 October: 21st website session “Competitive intelligence in government“, led by Ramon Maspons, teacher, researcher and specialist in competitive intelligence.

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