Twitter II: Gencat on Twitter


On 29 March, we posted our first “tweet” on the Gencat profile on Twitter, Seven months later, our profile on this service is growing on a daily basis. We have already exceeded 1,550 followers and have posted almost 600 “tweets”. We are now pleased to announce that we have created a directory [aggregator] for the Gencat profile on Twitter, in order to strengthen the feeling of community within the Generalitat and add positive value to this channel of communication. At present, there are up to 22 corporate profiles of different departments and services, as well as personal profiles of professionals from the institution.

A second option for organising the Gencat profiles on Twitter is the list found at

We encourage you to add yourselves or incorporate any other profiles related to the Generalitat that you can think of. You can do this in the directory by using the option provided by the aggregator itself, and in the list by accesing it directly. In the either case, you can communicate with us via Twitter, Facebook or the Gencat blog (in the comments, by email, etc).

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