Tecnimap 2010: innovation at the Administration with citizen participation

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This week Zaragoza has celebrated the eleventh edition of the Workshops on Information Technologies for the Modernization of Public Administrations, Tecnimap 2010.

Many seminars have been given, all of which have been related to innovation in public administrations.

On Wednesday, representatives from several institutions and public administrations talked about their experiences during the round table discussion ‘Advanced electronic services at the service of citizens’. All the speakers highlighted that, in matters of electronic Government, more interaction with citizens is needed as well as the establishment of communication channels between different administrations in order to compare experiences.

The Government of Catalonia multi-channel strategy for citizen attention gencat.cat/especial/c3cat2009/eng/c3cat/index.htm

Marta Continente, General Director of the Generalitat Citizen Advice Service, pointed out in her seminar that citizens are increasingly more adept at dealing with situations and services and that, for this reason, the Administration must work with a respectful and collaborative approach.

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