Audio portals: listen and share

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b noise cancelling headphone © CLF. CC BY 2.0

With audio sharing portals, internauts are provided with a large offer of streaming music, that is to say, music that can be listened to without having to be downloaded. Interactivity is a key element in the use of these tools. It gives music lovers the chance to listen to the music they like, swap files, create playing lists, learn about new groups and even make contact with users that share their musical tastes. Some of these services, which to begin with were offered for free, have already found a way to do business. As an example, some require users to pay for full use, while others contain banners or insert advertising between songs which can be eliminated by making a VIP payment.

As these portals have become a tool of daily use, we have made a list of the most useful so that everyone can contribute their experience. Have these practices really changed the selection of users? Which do we use the most and which do we find the most useful? What other functions are most used?

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