Patrimoni.gencat. Looking at the past from the 21st century

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Archaeology needn’t be boring. Take a look at the mummy of Peter the Great.

Art, architecture and archaeology are full of fascinating stories that can be told using the new tools the internet makes available to us. And this has been the aim of patrimoni.gencat during its first year of life. From the start, the aim was to attract new people to culture and our heritage using innovative approaches. To achieve this the portal has made special use of audio-visual resources such as video, gigaphotos, panoramic views, and 3D reconstructions . To reach these new audiences (young, non-specialist) we have tried to avoid stiff, academic language and use a fully contemporary style, and we are doing our best to encourage them and make it easier for them to visit and enjoy our heritage, providingdiary, routes, search engines, reports, etc.

Patrimoni.gencat has been developed as a joint project and it is designed for open access. We have worked together with institutions and members of the public who are enthusiastic about our heritage to create content through and through the contacts we have made via social networks thanks to our presence on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

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