Using Facebook pages to spread information

Gencat Facebook Fanpage
Gencat Facebook Fanpage

Have you looked at gencat’s Facebook page? Since it was set up its main purpose has been to give information about  Government of Catalonia projects and experiences, mainly related to the internet, and it now has over 1000 fans.But why use a page as a corporate solution rather than a profile or a group?What do you think each of the options offers?

Institutions, companies, and other types of business can set up pages on Facebook rather than profiles, which are more suitable for individuals or groups, and designed for organising activities for specific causes.  In fact Facebook has the power to close down any profile that does not belong to an individual. However, the characteristics of a profile are not the same as those of a page, which is subject to some limitations. Have you got a page? What do you find when you go to it? Do you think Facebook is a good vehicle for corporate information and communication?

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