The VPO, a collective project

ovt_escales_bloc6The application for a large family certificate, a reduction in the water tax or the notification of work related accidents can now be carried out from home and through Internet thanks to the Virtual Procedures Office. From everybody’s point of view, how do we think that the VPO can help us? For the first time, a single website will group together the over 1,000 procedures that can be carried out by citizens and companies through the Generalitat. The VPO was launched with the aim of bringing the Administration closer to citizens and will become a tool for informing about the rights as well as the duties of citizens.

ovt_home8With this new system, citizens can locate more easily Generalitat procedures, which up to now were dispersed over several websites and platforms. Furthermore, citizens can access any procedure without the need to know which administration manages it. Citizens are also saved the steps of delivering certain documents and also execution time, as unnecessary steps have been eliminated. In the personal procedures file, you can find details of all the procedures carried out and the stage they are at. Would you like to know how it works?

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