Will the e-book replace paper books?

JG ebookreader picture modified from Sony Ebook Reader © cloudsoup CC BY 2.0

The new book forma, the electronic or e-book, is now making its mark on the Catalan market. What do we think of it? Will the e-book take off?  And if it does, what will happen to old-fashioned paper books? Will the two forms work side by side?

The music world adapted to new technologies and the internet some time ago. Now it’s the turn of the publishing sector. The e-reader device allows books to be read in different formats using e-ink technology that does not strain the eyes. Around 20,000 have been sold so far in Spain, over the internet and in specialist shops. Publishers estimate that this will have risen to 100,000 by the end of 2010, at which point the industry will be considered established. The first websites have also started to appear selling books and making new titles available for these devices.

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