Guide to Catalonia: the Gencat map application adds new services

imatgegcThe Guide to Catalonia is a map service which is accessible at This year it has been extended with the addition of new services, and improvements have been made to the way in wich it works. With the new Guide users can not only locate addresses in all the municipalities in Catalonia; they can also look for other place names such as beaches or mountain peaks and official organisations and public facilities all over Catalonia. The location is shown on a map, a photograph or in a hybrid format (cartography plus photography).

Looking for a specific service is one option but if we prefer we can also check what features of interest (healthcare, educational and cultural facilities, etc.) are available in a particular area of Catalonia and which are nearest the place we indicate. Contact details and their website address can be obtained by clicking on the icon for organisations and facilities.

The maps can also be navigated using standard procedures for this type of application: dragging the map using a mouse, zooming in on a particular location or using the reference map at the bottom of the screen, for example. The cartographic information, provided by the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, enables users to study areas in considerable detail and compare different features according to the legend for each level of zoom.

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