Video and materials of the 17th web session 'Networking in the Administration: where do you start?' with Genís Roca

Today the Government ofCatalonia’s 17th web session was held in the Hall at the Ministry of Justice’s Centre for Legal Studies. The format of the session was atypical: the agenda had been drawn up previously over a mouth and a half beforehand by those who had registered to attend and other internet users. In this preliminary stage over 100 people participated, making over 200 contributions: 86 comments in 12 threads in different blogs, 67 contributions to the forum on the gencat page on Facebook, 58 contributions via Twitter.

Although the event involved a great deal of work on the part of Genís Roca and the organisers, the experience has been very positive. During the event we presented all the points which had been discussed previously and new ideas were introduced during the session, which was attended in person by over 200 people. The following slides provide a comprehensive record of the event.

[big file=rtmp:// 357 266]

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