Catalonia's facilities at your fingertips

Picture of the facilities portal
Picture of the facilities portal

Looking for a school, a museum, a hospital or a library? Now you can find them easily thanks to the Government of Catalonia’s new facilities portal, giving contact details and specific information on a wide range of different facilities. Just enter a key word to run a search, or look for the facility via the different menus on the page, or using the advanced search function. The results can be viewed in list format and on a map. Contact details are also given, including the address, telephone and fax numbers, website, e-mail address and other useful information, depending on the type of facility. For example, the information on museums, includes details on the museum’s contents, summer and winter opening hours, if there is a library available, guide and cafeteria services, entrance fees and disabled access.

The detailed information for some facilities, such as youth hostels and Citizen Information Offices, also includes photographs.

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