Science on the internet

Picture from DIGITAL.CSIC
Picture from DIGITAL.CSIC

The world of scientific research has joined the world of the web 2.0 and has settled down comfortably. Universities, research centres, science and technology parks, professionals on the dissemination of science, etc., reinforce their communications and interactive strategies on social networks, on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

With the aim of encouraging the agents linked to the Catalan Science System to use these tools of great informative and interactive potential, the section R+D 2.0 of the institutional web of Universities and Research has compiled a selection of blogsTwitter accounts and video channels on science and R+D+I in Catalonia and around the world.

And as it has been shown during the last Catalan Supercomputing Workshop on scientific data repositories (JOCS ‘09), the improvement in communication networks facilitates the collaboration between research groups and access to large distributed resources. This has given way to a new model of doing research (the so-called e-science), which translates into a new manner of preserving, disseminating and reusing the scientific data of both applied and social sciences.

Are we facing a paradigm shift when doing research? Will the use of these tools and the new programmes stimulate cooperation between groups in order to improve the quality of research? The debate is open.

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