Gencat newsletters


Electronic newsletters are available from the gencat portal via a range of media wich the public can subscribe to: gencat newsletters. You onlye have to register as a user of the service and select the newsletters that interest you. With your user name and password you can enter your account at any time to modify information, add or remove subscriptions or close the account.

This application has allowed gencat to do three things:

  • Enable users to manage their subscriptions to the electronic publications of the various departments and bodies from a single platform where they can consult, rectify or delete their personal details.
  • Provide a simple tool for the departments and other bodies to manage sending their newsletters, monitor subscriber numbers, check which items are most viewed, etc.
  • Increase the number of overall subscriptions via a knock-on effect: as users have a space to access the newsletters of different bodies, it is more convenient for them to sign up for several at once than it would be if they had to search through the different web pages of all the publishing bodies.

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