Gestió del coneixement (Knowledge management), winner of the 'Premis Blocs Catalunya' Awards!

guanyadorspbc09The Gestió del coneixement has won the Premis Blocs Catalunya 2009 award in the corporate blogs category, presented by the STIC.CAT association. Every year, the Award’s panel of judges, comprised of individuals of renowned prestige on the web, recognise the best blogs written in catalan.  bloc_gestioconeixement

The corporate blog of the Ministry of Justice specialises in ideas, strategies and resources for managing the Administration’s knowledge. Thus, the award recognises the work of many individuals from the  Ministry of Justice and the  Compartim program, of the individuals that participate in this effort and the entire Generalitat.

In this regard, it is worth noting that the Gestió del coneixement blog was one of the first blogs of the Generalitat’s corporate blog platform, the New Gencat channel of communication adapted to the Generalitat of Catalonia’s corporate environment.

During the awards ceremony, Núria Vives, on behalf the Ministry of Justice, emphasised the importance of this event and thanked all those who have made it possible for their collaboration.

Congratulations on the award!

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