18th website session: “New forms of institutional communication”

Training camps a campanya Obama
'Training camps in Obama campaign'

The 18th Government of Catalonia website session “New forms of institutional communication”, which will be held on 19 January 2010 at the Centre for legal studies and specialised training (CEJFE), C/Ausiàs Marc, 40, 08010 Barcelona (map), will deal with the changes which have taken place in the relationship between official bodies and the public as a result of the wider availability of new technology and the internet. The session will be led by  Jordi Segarra, political consultant and specialist in strategies for political and institutional communication, who has worked for some of the main political parties in Europe, Latin America and in the USA, where he played a part in Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. On-line registration will be open from next Wednesday, 16 December.

Based on the successof the last session we would encourage everyone to send details of their experiences, doubts and ides directly to Jordi Segarra via this blog. Together we can continue to make these website sessions a valuable forum in which everyone can participate.

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